My Shipping Station

My Shipping Station

That's right, this blog post is a behind the scenes look at Treasures Three.   Yes, I'm a home based business and loving the flexibility and life style that it allows me to have.  I also have more time with no commuting to spoil those little treasures that call me Mom and Mimi. As many other businesses during COVID I decide to work directly from home. That being said, this can be a challenge when you have just downsized. I pride myself in having fair and reasonable prices and having very little overhead allows me do that.   

I wanted to show you my shipping station.  I had to take the closet doors off in the office, due to lack of space, but it has worked out perfect.    

I have everything that I need at my fingertips.   I have a building on my property that safely houses all my fabric and patterns although I must say the overflow sometimes ends up in my sewing room until I have time to sort and package.  The shelf is from IKEA which houses all of my shipping supplies. Poly mailers, packaging to keep fabric safe, labels for packaging and shipping.  All my USPS boxes and envelopes. (I ship 99% of what I sell through the Postal Service)   It's a process!   The file cabinet is recycled from a second hand store and covered with vinyl (contact paper) and then there is the laser printer which gets tons of use.    It all works extremely well.

You notice I have a stand up desk which does adjust to sitting.  So much better for my sciatica and keeps me moving.  Scale is right on my desk.

I want to say Thank You for supporting my small, but growing, home based business.

Well, just wanted to give you a little bit of what's behind Treasures Three.  Let me know if you have any questions or want to chat.  


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